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I am Niphaphone (nip-pa-pon) Laura Robertson, Independent Coach, Trainer & Speaker with the John Maxwell Group, CEO of Beautiful Potential Consulting LLC, Co-founder of iLocal Online Advertising & Marketing, and podcast host of Blasian Soul Podcast. 

Born homeless, I lived in extreme poverty after my family fled the communist regime that invaded our war-torn country, Laos. I arrived in America, as a malnourished child unable to speak English seeking a chance at a better life than what we had left behind. 

I am on a mission to help you get past your limiting beliefs, build the confidence to go after your dreams, pursue your passion, and develop the success skills to live a life of purpose!

After overcoming all the hurdles that were thrown at me, I managed to climb the corporate ladder hitting six-figures. My humble beginnings and a lifelong passion for serving others are what led to my journey in establishing my company, Beautiful Potential Consulting LLC.


As a coach, trainer, and speaker, I make it my mission to help others follow their dreams, live a life of purpose, and empower them to reach their Beauti- FULL POTENTIAL! 

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Laura Robertson is the author of "Forty Dollars and a Dream", coming from a humbling beginning arriving in America as a malnourished, homeless Lao Refugee, to becoming a successful business leader, helping organizations on how to create a motivating, creative, and successful workplace.

Entrepreneur . Author . Coach . Trainer .  Speaker . Podcast Hostess

Niphaphone (nip-pa-pon) Laura Robertson, is the CEO of Beautiful Potential Consulting LLC, Co-founder of iLocal Online Advertising & Marketing, and an Independent Coach, Trainer & Speaker with the John Maxwell Group, .