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"Let's Get Social Blueprint"

Coaching Program

Build your online presence on different platforms and increase your reach

Learn how to create and navigate through the various social media presence and create content that will deliver consistent branding. 


Are you struggling with... 

  • Reaching your ideal audience? 

  • Not knowing what to post or how to post on various social media platforms?

  • Not knowing how you can maximize the use of social media to your advantage? 

  • Need help with boosting your tech skills and confidence? 

I can help... 

As an entrepreneur myself, what 2020 taught me after taking several courses and learning what works is that: 

  • It is not as hard as I thought it was

  • You can do this even without any technical skills

  • There are so many resources now that make it seamless to have an online presence 

  • I can help take the guessing game out and help make it easier for you to pick what works for you. 

If you are not online, you are missing out on potential clients! 

As a result of this course, you will be able to be present on all of the social media platforms that you chose to be on. You will also learn how you can create your marketing plan for the entire year and have all your posts pre-planned. 

Setting up all social media accounts 

Module 1
  • Create your Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter accounts 

  • Setting up content and making sure your brand is consistent 

  • Connecting your social media links to your website 

  • Content and sizing for each post for each platform

Social network concept

Setting Up Your YouTube Channel 

Module 3
  • Learn how to set up your branded YouTube Channel 

  • Create the banners and profile pictures for consistent branding

  • How to upload videos

  • How to add your YOUTUBE Channel to your other social media platforms and website 


Going Live On Your Social Media 

Module 3
  • Creating your content for live videos

  • Optional: creating your own show

  • How to use streaming resources to help you create nice branded images for your platform

  • How to go live on more than one platform

  • How to pre-record your live videos 


Creating A Yearly Marketing Plan

Module 4
  • Create your own personalized content calendar for your social media post

  • Get a year-long marketing plan that you can adjust and customize 

  • Learn how to plan your social media posts out so you can focus on your work and save time

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Image by Sina Asgari

Are You Ready


This coaching program will help you get on social media platforms that will help you increase your reach to your ideal audience.

You may choose which training is necessary for your success and we can customize the pricing based on your specific needs.

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