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Video Like A Pro! 


"Video Like A Pro"

Coaching Package

Create videos that engage your audience and build your brand...

Training package can be purchased individually or packaged!

Video is everywhere and your business should be too! Learn how to grow your audience through video marketing.


Are you struggling with... 

  • Not so tech-savvy but want to grow your online video marketing? 

  • Not having the confidence to show up on camera? 

  • Want to learn more about how to create professional videos that will attract your audience and grow your reach? 

  • Want to create online courses but now sure how to edit or use video for content? 

I can help... 

There are many different resources that you can use for video marketing. I will show you seamless ways that you can do this. 

  • Being on video does not have to be a scary thing

  • Learn how to seamlessly create and edit your video without any technical skills 

  • Develop camera confidence and grow your audience using video marketing

If you are not using video, you are missing out on potential clients! 

As a result of this course, you will develop camera confidence, have a better understanding of how to create your professional promotional videos, what software to use that will not break your budget. 

Seamless Strategies to Create & Edit Video 
Record Webinars & Training Videos 
Created Profit Generating Online Courses 

Getting Started 

Module 1
  • Go over budget-friendly ways that you can record your professional videos

  • Learn about the various tools for video creation and editing 

  • Create a studio from anywhere that will look like you spent a fortune 

  • How to record and upload 


Video Creation 

Module 2
  • Setting up your video and recording from different platforms 

  • The various editing software and how to edit your videos

  • Adding your own branding to your videos

  • Creating animation

Video Editing

Create Your Own Show Or Podcast Using Video 

Module 3
  • Budget-friendly equipment that you can use

  • Steps to creating your own show or podcast 

  • Using your video recordings and turn them into your podcast stream

  • How to edit your audio recordings

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Creating An Online Course

Module 4
  • Step by step process of starting your online class

  • Creating the content for your classes

  • Turning your knowledge into digital assets you can make a profit from

  • Selling and marketing your courses online 

Online Tutorial
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Are You Ready


This coaching program will help you learn how to use video to help grow your reach and boost your online presence.

You may choose which training is necessary for your success and we can customize the pricing based on your specific needs.

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